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Chiropractic Care

Model of spineWhile chiropractic care does a fantastic job of relieving pain and addressing a broad array of conditions, we know that it boosts one’s overall health and well-being. Practice members are happier and less stressed; they also sleep better, and their bodies can handle things better. They have more range of motion and less tightness, and they’re not as tired or worried. If that sounds good to you, then Dr. Chelsea looks forward to caring for you!

A Full Spine Focus

At Heart Strong Chiropractic, Dr. Chelsea focuses on the full spine because everything’s connected. So even if someone comes in with low back pain, she’s going to check everything. Her primary style of adjusting is Diversified, which is a highly manual adjustment. She likes that the best because she feels that the manual style adjustments help her respond quicker and better.

Personalizing Care to Meet Your Needs

Dr. Chelsea uses a broad array of both manual and instrument-assisted adjusting techniques that are suited to each practice member’s unique circumstances. Some practice members prefer to be adjusted lying down, and others like to be adjusted while sitting up. She will adjust you whichever way you prefer. The important thing is you are getting chiropractic care!

Chiropractic BioPhysics®

The technique focuses strongly on posture, with the aim of restoring the curves back in their spine and getting the spine as close to the way you were designed.


This technique uses a particular table that reduces the amount of energy required to adjust your spine.

Activator Methods®

This instrument-based adjusting technique is ideal for people who are either afraid of the neck adjustments or are in considerable pain where they can’t go into a certain position.

Pierce Results

Considered an analysis system, Pierce Results pinpoints the problem areas of the spine and uses a handheld instrument to deliver a series of rapid taps to those areas.


The Gonstead chiropractic approach focuses on the body’s biomechanics to provide specific, precise and accurate adjustments to restore and maintain optimal health. Originally developed and taught by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, it begins with a thorough analysis of the spine to detect what is known as the vertebral subluxation complex. The goal is to deliver the most accurate and effective adjustments possible.


RockTape is a company that focuses on movement with an array of products and techniques to help an athlete perform to the best of their ability. RockTape has many benefits including reduction of localized pain, improved proprioception, delays muscle fatigue and distributes physical stress. When applied correctly, it changes the way your body interprets pain which helps “turn down the volume” of pain.


Dr. Chelsea loves this soft tissue mobilization technique because it helped her pain so much. FAKTR is particularly helpful for athletes as much of the pain comes from more of a myofascial issue, not necessarily a skeletal problem. FAKTR can help people that have more of a muscle injury, not just necessarily like restrictions in their spine.

Ready to Get Started?

Experience for yourself how much better you can feel with chiropractic care. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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