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About Us

Stacked stonesDr. Chelsea McLane has always gone after what she wanted in life, including launching her own practice. Once she decided to open her practice here in Manayunk, she was thinking about possible names. Nothing stuck, but the only thing that kept coming up was “heart strong” so that’s why she named the practice Heart Strong Chiropractic.

Change Your Life and Live It to the Fullest

Chiropractic is more than just pain relief. It’s about changing your life and living life to the fullest. When you’re adjusted, and you don’t have any interference, you’re able to do things and live life differently than if you were sick and in pain. Whether you want more energy to play with your kids or want to participate in your favorite activities pain-free, chiropractic can help. “It’s the best day ever for me when practice members can finally do what they’ve wanted to do,” says Dr. Chelsea.

Taking a Preventative Approach

“I have a lot of faith in God, and I believe that He didn’t make us to be sick or injured. He made a perfect body, and as long as we’re close to His design, then our body can do what He designed it to do,” she says.

The body has a remarkable ability to coordinate everything and to heal itself as long as there’s no interference. What we’re doing as a nation isn’t working. Despite all of the medications on the market, we are still a sick country. Chiropractic allows us to be different and to prevent disease and promote wellness.

A Practice Member Success Story

Recently, Dr. Chelsea had a practice member who came in with pain that was so bad that she could barely get out of bed. She couldn’t even lean over the counter to brush her teeth. After Dr. Chelsea adjusted the woman, the next day she came in and she said that she could get out of bed. She also remarked that she was able to brush her teeth without pain for the first time in a long period.

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